Trophy Hunting Psychology and Thrill: Is it Illegal?

Trophy hunting is one of the reason why animals being killed. The children’s desire to harm animals does not explain. Some adults hunt and kill large, often deadly, creatures. They do not intend to consume the creatures.  There is a lot of speculation about what it signifies in the psychological literature. The fact that there is very little research to back up any assumptions makes comprehending this behavior difficult”  (Xanthe Mallett, 2015)

The most bizarre inquiries are asked by children.

A small boy told me a story of a murder in his neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, my birthplace, a few years ago. I inquired about it. He told me about a cougar who had been killed because this wonderful cat lived down the street from him. I blurted out something along the lines of, “Animals can’t be murdered.” He looked at me and said, “Why not?” innocently but forcibly. I recognized I wasn’t going to “win” or “get out” of this topic easily or cleanly. His mother was calling him home. I told him that’s the way it is in the legal system for now, and he said, “Why?”

The time limits and the fact that I genuinely wanted to let him know. I believed animals could be murdered. I was at a lost for words. But it would have enraged his mother, and we would both have been late for supper. So I told him that he had made an impression on me.  I appreciated him asking why and that I’d think about it further. I feel that murdering an animal is murder (please see) when it is done in the same way that a human is killed. Culling, dispatching, or euthanizing doesn’t actually do the job of cleaning the killing.

nonhuman creatures are explicitly excluded

I haven’t given this conversation much thought. I have often wondered why the word “murder” is reserved for human animals and nonhuman creatures are explicitly excluded (animals). As a result of recent events, I’ve decided to write a short essay regarding why the word “murder” is used. Should be expanded to include other creatures, and why “trophy hunting” is actually “trophy murder,” for example.

I’m sure many individuals will weigh in on this issue, and many have already done so. There have also been some good discussions on over whether killing an animal is murder. As of today, 58 percent of respondents said yes, while 42 percent said no. Furthermore. Americans are opposing trophy hunting by a two-to-one ratio.” Sixty-four percent of Americans questioned by the Humane Society of the United States said they oppose trophy hunting in the US.”

I can’t think of a good justification other than “that’s how it is.” Misleading statements that animals don’t feel pain, aren’t intelligent. Don’t exhibit what philosophers call agency. Loosely defined as the ability to make free decisions. Lets Act autonomously, and adapt to changing situations, are among the reasons cited. The jurisdictions require that the victim be a natural person; that is, a human being who was alive at the time of the murder.” In other words, a corpse, a company, a non-human animal. Any other non-human entity such as a plant or bacterium cannot be murdered under the law.”

Comments on the previous argument

The comments on the previous argument are fascinating to read. I adore animals and have multiple pets, one person said. Killing animals for sustenance is not murder. The animals lack the ability to talk or have complicated feelings. Killing them for food is not considered murder. Let’s pretend there’s a hungry tiger and one of you believes it’s murder to kill an animal in a cage. That tiger would gladly devour you, so why can’t we do the same? Cruelty to animals is bad, but it is not murder,” another reader remarked. Animals are killed for a variety of causes. Some individuals consider killing animals for food to be harsh. While others consider it to be a necessary evil, and some (such as hunters) even enjoy it. Even cruelty to animals, however, does not rise to the level of “murder.”

The other comments bring up many of the concerns at the heart of the argument for using the term murder. The animal is engaged in situations where it is used for people, and for laws to be amended to reflect this. There’s several recent instances have caused many others, including myself. Reconsider the selective and spiciest usage of the word “murder.” A dog was murdered and skinned in my hometown a few weeks ago. I was questioned if this could be considered as murder. Even if they are healthy and might have extended lives, animals at zoos are frequently slaughtered. Marius, a juvenile giraffe that was generally healthy. Slaughtered in the Copenhagen Zoo in February 2014 because he didn’t fit into the zoo’s breeding plans.

This wasn’t a compassion killing, but rather what I call zoothanasia. I also mentioned that it may be considered murder.

Let’s get this conversation started, and let’s start basic.

The moment has come to start a conversation regarding the appropriate use of the term. The scientific study has demonstrated that arguments for excluding animals. Their alleged lack of emotions, that they are not truly sentient. They don’t care what happens to them, for example, are patently false. I’m sure there are passionate people on all sides of the debate. We need to hear from all of them. Attorney Steven Wise and his team, who have worked relentlessly to give animals rights. Focused their efforts on chimps, so let’s start with mammals. And, perhaps to get the conversation started.

Let us consider only animals killed for trophy hunting, sport, and entertainment. The animals killed for our entertainment (dog- or cock-fighting). Animals killed because they harmed, or allegedly harmed. The human(s), and animals that end up living in “dangerously” urban or suburban areas. The animals who are murdered for food or research animals who are considered pests. The animals who are collected in the name of science are all near to humans. We forced them out of their preferred and natural places due to unrelenting development. We can also limit our initial conversations to creatures that are clearly sentient. Includes the great majority of animals murdered for no other reason than amusement.

Animals deserved to be treated as human

The animals deserved to be treated as human because they are also a creature with important rules in ecosystem. Lets respect every creatures in this world. I’m sure readers will have their own animal categories to add to the list. This is all part of the ongoing discussion. Companion animals who are brutalized for no cause at all, so perhaps we should include them as creatures to whom the term “murder” applies in the early debates. Trophy hunting is one of the reason why some animals being killed without reason.

One of my friends said that perhaps the world isn’t ready for such a debate. The category of acts that are considered murder when a human victim is involved (s). The trophy hunting is an obvious example. It is choice and intentional, and there is no need to participate in it unless the hunter thinks it to be a form of amusement or entertainment. Lets treat animals as like as human, and stop killing them without any reason. The main point here is, animals is a creature deserved respect and love. Lets stop killing animals.





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